Companies can start profiting from flexible electricity consumption

Nano Energies opens a new branch in Slovakia with headquarters in the Twin City building (Bratislava).

27. 1. 2021

High and low tariffs are past their prime. Electricity is a commodity whose price changes by the minute. When the price is at its lowest, you consume. When it’s at its highest, you sell the surplus. As a result, your flexibility benefits the planet and your company’s budget, while also helping to prevent blackouts. This is a simplified way to describe the service that Nano Energies is bringing to the Slovak electricity market.

Nano Energies is entering the Slovak electricity-supply market and opening its Nano Energies Slovakia branch in the new year. The company focuses on smart management and so-called aggregation of electricity flexibility. In practice, this means that it offers companies and small energy producers the possibility to participate in short-term electricity markets and profit from movement in electricity prices. Flexible consumption management benefits the entire grid and helps to prevent blackouts.

“In western countries, flexibility aggregators are replacing fossil-fuel and nuclear power plants and enabling the transition to sustainable energy,” explains Ján Mišovič, head of the Slovak branch, adding: “In Great Britain, for example, flexibility aggregators accounted for 50% of grid balancing in 2020, and the rest of Europe is following. Nano Energies is able to exploit the potential of electricity that would otherwise remain untapped. We adjust consumption and generation so that the client produces electricity when it is most expensive and consumes it when it is least expensive. The customer does not notice this in operation, as everything happens automatically and, at the same time, it thus contributes to the stabilisation of the grid without the necessity of involving coal-fired power plants in balancing the system.”

Large office complexes, freezing plants, industrial companies and battery storage facilities can already manage electricity in a smart manner. In Belgium, this typically involves intensive greenhouse agriculture, whereas in the Czech Republic, it has to do with municipal heating plants. Nano Energies can save customers up to tens of percent of operating costs through flexible management and is now bringing out a product that contractually guarantees such savings.

The foundation of Nano Energies’ services consists in understanding the needs associated with the operations of customers who choose smart flexibility management. For trouble-free communication, the company has also developed its own application and control system that make it possible to safely control the performance of machines remotely. Nano Energies’ team of analysts and programmers also benefit from the experience that the company has gathered throughout Europe, as it operates in seven European markets.

“Flexible electricity management has tremendous potential, not only in the broad spectrum of clients who can start using the service practically immediately. For the coming year, we have one goal in particular, which is to help as many customers as possible to use flexible electricity management, save money in their company budgets and have a more sustainable approach to the planet,” says Mišovič.

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