Czech company Nano Energies announces entry into more markets

11. 9. 2020

Following the recent entry of two strategic shareholders, Nano Energies is reporting further growth. From this week, the map of European countries in which the company’s Nano Energies Trade division spot trades electricity is expanding with the addition of Germany and Austria. In total, the company now has operations in seven European countries.

Nano Energies Trade is a well-known, majority player on the Czech spot market. Its energy trading has long since crossed the Czech border and the division also actively operates in France, Holland, Slovakia, Belgium and, most recently, Germany and Austria.

“The number of foreign markets in which Nano Energies operates with its trading division has been expanded to seven as of this week. I am very pleased that we are gradually extending the know-how that we have been successfully using to other countries. In addition to making quick judgments, high-quality analysis is also decisive in spot electricity trading,” says Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies.

Electricity is mostly traded a few hours before it is actually used, i.e. at the time when it has the highest or, conversely, lowest value. Therefore, the company employs mainly traders in its trading division. Because they are constantly involved in trading on seven markets simultaneously, they alternate in multiples shifts.

Two new strategic shareholders, Petr Němec and Petr Zahradník, recently entered Nano Energies. Together with their entry, the company announced the planned growth of its spot electricity trading division. Further expansion and growth can be expected to follow soon.

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