David Pavlík will be the new Chief Technology Officer of Nano Energies. He is expected to help the company become a leader in the energy revolution.

29. 6. 2023

He will take up the position on 1 September, joining Nano Energies from Shipmonk. He has previously worked for well-known technology companies worldwide, including SpaceX, Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft. He is expected to assist the company in its expansion and growth.

In IT, David Pavlik’s name is well known in the Czech Republic and California’s Silicon Valley. He started his career at Microsoft and also worked at Amazon. At Netflix, he was at the launch of the successful series House of Cards. And he was chosen by Elon Musk to build SpaceX‘s Crew Dragon rocket. Among his responsibilities was developing a device that would perform the self-destruction of the rocket if it did not fly correctly and posed a threat to life on Earth. He joined Nano Energies from Shipmonk, where he led the global R&D team and was also responsible for preparing the company for further growth. He will join Nano Energies as chief technology officer in September. 

“Nano Energies caught my attention with an interesting product with incredible potential, a complex but solvable technological challenge, and a business aspect suggesting the market is in its early stages. The team formed around Nano Energies is well-positioned to bring the vision of modern energy management to fruition,” says David Pavlík about his move. “I come with a huge respect for the current team and an enthusiasm to learn a whole new area, pass on my experience and help move the business forward. Changing the energy industry with an emphasis on decentralization and sustainability makes a lot of sense to me these days,” he concludes. 

“In our region, we are leaders in flexibility aggregation. We are growing in terms of the number of employees and preparing for expansion into new countries. Software and development are crucial to our work. We are solving technical challenges that often have never been addressed before,” comments Nano Energies CEO Stanislav Chvála on the current situation. “That is precisely why we were looking for someone with experience from top global tech companies who sees the same challenge and purpose in energy transformation as we do,” he adds regarding Pavlík’s arrival.

In the past year, Nano Energies has attracted several top managers, developers, and analysts. For example, last fall, Michal Rychnovský, a former top manager at PPF, joined the company as Chief Analyst. He is associated with the growth of Home Credit in Asia. Or Matej Šanta, who founded and launched ČEZ ESCO in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and is CFO at Nano Energies. Today, nearly 130 people work for the Nano Energies group, developing energy flexibility services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, and Romania. The core business is based on new smart, flexible consumption and production management services, which allow companies and producers to save costs on the consumption or production of electricity and earn money by providing so-called “support services” to grid operators.

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