First movers have the advantage

Across Europe, with the march of digitalization, new sources are emerging, often smaller – but faster and smarter. As pioneer flexibility aggregators, we’re gamechangers by combining such sources, turning them into virtual units and building a data platform for more efficient energy consumption/production. Because what’s efficient is also environmentally-friendly.

Unlocking energy flexibility by connecting the right players

Increased renewables generation, especially variable sources such as wind and solar, causes greater electricity grid instability. But this volatility is our opportunity. Our flexibility management enables you to participate in balancing energy markets while cutting your energy costs. Switch on your equipment when electricity costs less. Switch off when it costs more. With this approach, we’re building a democratic and decentralised energy future.

  1. 2023
    100MW of power contracted
  2. 2022
    6th & 7th country markets entry
  3. 2021
    Croatia & Hungary markets entry
  4. 2020
    30MW of power contracted
  5. 2019
    Slovak & Belgium markets entry
  6. 2018
    10MW of power contracted
  7. 2017
    We become flexibility aggregator
  8. 2013
    We manage flexibility for trading purposes

Flexibility aggregators open up a whole new world by allowing us to boost customers revenues significantly. Also, in several EU countries they are already replacing coal-fired or nuclear power stations, making the switch to digital and sustainable energy possible.

Stanislav Chvála
CEO Nano Energies

Stabilise the electricity grid and generate more profit

As the renewable energy supply grows, markets experience increased volatility and complexity. For us, constantly changing prices means more opportunity for traders. By boosting market efficiency and narrowing bid-ask spreads we keep the grid stable and enable higher penetration of renewables.

Trading in the weather

Whether it’s snowy, cloudy, or windy, weather forecasts play a crucial role for spot trading because the weather is the main driver of power market volatility. Having the ability and advanced software tools to accurately predict the weather means we can make the quickest and smartest decisions.

Every minute of the day

Our trading team is active 24/7. We make the right decisions based on several factors: how much power is being generated, how much power is flowing into the system and how much power will be consumed from one minute to the next.

Flexibility pioneers working with us

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