Gas in addition to green electricity. Czech company Nano Energies is expanding its offer for households

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1. 1. 2020

The Czech energy company Nano Energies is expanding its offer for households and businesses. In addition to 100% green electricity, it will also offer natural gas with carbon offsets based on customer demand. The Plyn Naplno gas tariff has been available in trial operation since mid-August and in that time dozens of households and businesses have gotten connected and the company has received very positive feedback. Nano Energies will thus officially begin supplying gas to the initial customers on 1 October.

Czech energy innovator Nano Energies rolled out the new service in the middle of the summer holiday season. The idea to include gas in the company’s offer came from customers to whom the company was already providing electricity. The product features a carbon offset – for every household connected, the company will contribute to the planting of a grove of long-lived trees. Nano Energies plans to replace natural gas with biogas in the future. However, production of biogas in the Czech Republic is still in its infancy.

 “We always gather feedback from our customers. One suggestion kept coming up for a long time – people asked if it would be possible to get gas from us in addition to Elektřina Nazeleno (Green Electricity). Therefore, we expanded our offer during the summer. Within a month and a half, dozens of households and several companies had signed up for the Plyn Naplno gas tariff. Interest exceeded our expectations and therefore we have been officially supplying gas to the initial customers since 1 October,” says Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies.

In order to offset the carbon footprint created by natural-gas extraction, Nano Energies will contribute an average of CZK 1,300 per connected household per year to the planting of a grove of long-lived trees. The company already has a specific location for the first such grove, namely Hrochův Týnec in the Pardubice region, where linden trees are to be planted. Nano Energies will be assisted with the planting by the non-profit organisation CI2, which has already planted a number of similar groves.

“In the future, we want to supply biogas to households instead of natural gas. However, there is not enough of it on the market at this time; production of green gas is only just getting started in the Czech Republic. Therefore, we chose gas with a carbon offset involving the planting of trees, which will store carbon from the atmosphere for decades, produce oxygen and provide a habitat for animals,” explains Chvála, adding that natural gas is only a transitional phase for the company.

Purchasing both electricity and gas from one company can save people time spent on paperwork, e.g. when changing account numbers or contact information. Everything is handled in one place, with one supplier. Customers can also find a calculator on the Elektřina Nazeleno website, where in just a few minutes they can figure out how much they will pay for gas from Nano Energies.

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