Nano Energies enhances its staff. Modern energy attracts industry capacities

4. 11. 2020
Prague, Bratislava

As of November, the Nano Green division is headed by František Vašek, while Ján Mišovič has become the director of Nano Energies in Slovakia and Pavel Holan is joining the company in the position of financial director.

The Czech technology company Nano Energies announced the addition of three new staff members, all of whom are experienced experts who are joining the company due to the vision of modern energy that Nano Energies has represented on the market in recent years. Innovations in digitalisation, smart management of energy flexibility, expansion into new markets, consulting and new sustainable products are just some of the tasks that now stand before them.

Over the past quarter of a year, the company has announced the entry of new shareholders, growth in other European markets and an expansion of its product range. And the expansion continues, this time in the area of personnel with the addition of three new staff members. František Vašek, who comes to the company from innogy, has been named the head of Nano Green, the renewable and sustainability division of Nano Energies. Ján Mišovič, who previously worked for ČEZ and Západoslovenská Distribučná, has joined the Slovak operation as its director. And at the beginning of December, the company will gain a new financial director in Pavel Holan, who will bring his experience from PwC, where he led the treasury team providing market risk-management services to clients throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

“The future of the energy industry lies in decentralisation and digitalisation. At Nano Energies, we have been pursuing this idea for more than twelve years. We are pushing the market forward with innovations, bringing forth new products, expanding into more markets and constantly improving our services for both customers and suppliers. The desire to be involved in fulfilling the vision of the modern energy industry is the reason that our new colleagues are joining us. And that is also their biggest and most important task,” says Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies.

František Vašek, who previously worked for innogy and has more than fifteen years of experience in the energy industry, will manage the Nano Green division. He has worked in the area of photovoltaic energy trading and development of energy trading for companies that primarily distribute gas, both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.  “Nano Green is off to a great start in the Czech Republic. Together with the team, I would like to work on the development of community energy, for example, but I also plan to work on other projects in the area of clean energy and sustainability,” Vašek says, commenting on his new position at Nano Energies.

Ján Mišovič has also spent nearly his entire professional career in the energy sector. He is coming to Nano Energies from ČEZ, where, for example, he successfully built up a portfolio for purchasing electricity from green sources. He also worked for seven years at Západoslovenská Distribučná and served as a consultant at Deloitte and for Slovenské Elektrárne. “Nano Energies operates in seven European countries, and I’m looking forward to working with my new colleagues from other countries, the possibility of sharing know-how between markets and learning from each other,” Mišovič says.

The third new addition to the team is Pavel Holan, who has more than eleven years of experience in the financial sector. He is coming to Nano Energies from PwC, where he led an international team of experts focusing on market-risk management. He was responsible for corporate and banking clients throughout Central and Eastern Europe and has worked indirectly for numerous clients in the energy sector, including innogy, E.ON and MND, among others.

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