Nano Energies establishes a holding company and prepares to open new branches in Croatia and Hungary

4. 10. 2021
Prague, Zagreb, Budapest

The Czech energy company Nano Energies has taken another step toward expansion to new markets. At the beginning of October, it officially established DES Holding, which will be in charge of the growth and opening of branches in Central and Eastern Europe providing services associated with energy flexibility. The first wave of expansion will involve the opening of branches in Hungary and Croatia.

“The electricity market is now like a fast-moving train. We are the first to open branches in Hungary and Croatia, with others to follow in Central and Eastern Europe,” says Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies, adding: “We are bringing forth an opportunity for small sources to get involved in the provision of auxiliary services. Aggregation of energy flexibility is advantageous for the whole local market, as it will help to prevent blackouts, and flexible management benefits the entire grid as a result.”

Through its foreign subsidiaries, DES Holding will offer a smart flexibility management and aggregation service. The holding company was officially established at the beginning of October. Preparations for the opening of new branches in Hungary and Croatia are already fully underway; the branches are scheduled to open by the end of this year. The company plans to establish two more branches in Eastern Europe in 2022.

As in the Czech Republic, the energy sector in Hungary and Croatia is undergoing significant changes as a result of the transformation of the energy mix. In Hungary, flexibility aggregation has been in use for only a few years and the market still has strong potential to move forward. In both countries, new sources of flexibility (particularly on the consumption side) can also help to smooth out short-term fluctuations in the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

The Slovak branch, which Nano Energies opened in autumn 2020, will also be integrated into DES Holding. 

Through smart energy management, Nano Energies can save its customers up to ten percent on energy costs. Customers most commonly include industrial enterprises, office complexes and municipal heating plants, as well as many other facilities that accumulate cold, heat or other types of energy.

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