Nano Energies releases Elektřina Nazeleno 2022 pricelists. Demand for renewable energy already nearly exceeds supply

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29. 11. 2021

Due to enormous interest in green electricity, today Nano Energies is announcing new prices for 2022 in advance so that new and existing clients have all necessary information in time. The Czech company can still offer the Elektřina Nazeleno (Green Electricity) premium tariff to several thousand new customers before the end of the year. The announced prices remain competitive, and not only in comparison with ordinary suppliers of electricity derived from fossil fuels.

The Nano Energies group was established 14 years ago as the first supplier of electricity from renewable sources in the Czech Republic and remains the sole supplier whose energy mix is composed exclusively of renewable sources. The group thus transparently guarantees to its customers that their monthly payments support only clean sources of energy. Even now, in the uncertain market situation, the Czech company wants to continue to guarantee fair prices, openness and the 100% greenness of its product. “New customers are now coming to us and we are pleased by their interest in green energy. They say that if they change their supplier, they will make a change for the better and decide for electricity that is produced in an environmentally friendly way,” says Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies. He adds that people should decide to make the switch as soon as possible. “We will only supply new business and residential customers with what we have purchased; we are working on buying as much clean electricity as possible from local producers, but there is not an unlimited amount on the market.”

The new prices of Elektřina Nazeleno for 2022 are in response to the steep year-on-year growth in the price of electricity on the wholesale market and rising feed-in tariffs from green producers. Unfortunately, the prices are also indirectly influenced by the prices of emission permits and the economic situation. For example, the most common residential tariff (D02d) will now cost CZK 3,390 excl. VAT per 1 MWh. From 1 November 2021, new customers can conclude contracts for the Elektřina Nazeleno 2022 tariff. For existing customers, the same price will apply from 1 January 2022. Existing customers thus have the information in advance and enough time to adjust the amount of their deposits. 

“If capacity is exhausted in the coming weeks, we will not connect new clients until the new year. Until then, we will work to ensure that we have the largest possible amount of green energy under contract. Unlike other suppliers, we don’t take risks; we have a fixed supply directly from the source. We don’t want to compete on price, but on the genuineness and quality of our green electricity,” says Chvála.

Nano Energies released the new Elektřina Nazeleno pricelists today. The company supplies renewable electricity to thousands of households and businesses in the Czech Republic, while maintaining the highest feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity on the domestic market over the long term. If you are interested in detailed information and myths about green electricity, read the article in which we debunk those myths.

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