Nano Energies reports 2021 revenues up at 3 billion CZK, plans further growth in CEE

21. 2. 2022

Czech energy group Nano Energies significantly increased its revenues last year, reaching CZK 2.9 billion. The group’s EBITDA was also higher than expected. The company now plans to focus even more on further investments and developments related to the energy flexibility business and building community and decentralized energy systems in Central and Eastern Europe.

“We have really been sprinting over the last year. We see opportunities related to smart grid management, digitalization and decarbonization not only in the Czech Republic but in many markets in Europe, especially in the East, that we want to take active advantage of,” said Nano Energies CEO Stanislav Chvála. “We have been looking at the energy business globally for a long time and we want to take what we offer in the Czech Republic to more markets,” Chvála added.

The Nano Energies Group posted revenues of CZK 2.9 billion in 2021, mainly due to the group’s effective management of the risks associated with extremely volatile situations in buying and selling electricity in the past year. Nano Energies’ gross profit (EBITDA) for 2021 amounted to CZK 3.7 million, despite investing tens of millions of crowns in entering new markets and growing the team.

Nano Energies has been trading on the electricity spot markets for 14 years. The firm was the first, and so far the only, supplier of 100% clean, green electricity to households and businesses on the Czech market. Last year, they even doubled their B2C client portfolio. Moreover, with their energy flexibility aggregator service, Nano Energies can effectively manage the production and consumption of their corporate and industry customers, thus reducing costs for customers and saving the environment at the same time. Last year, the company certified 23 MW in the aggregation support services blocks and plans to double that number this year. In addition, Nano Energies also started providing consulting services for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint. All of these activities are related to Nano Energies’ long-term mission of effectively connecting the energy sector to the Earth’s natural energy.

In the last two years alone, Nano Energies’ divisions have entered two new countries. The firm’s Digital Energy Services division, which focuses on energy flexibility and operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, prepares opening of offices in two more Central and Eastern European countries this year.

Nano Energies has been on the market since 2008, and employed nearly 90 people at the end of 2021. The group was founded by Petr Rokůsek, who continues to own a 37.5% stake. Other shareholders include Tomáš Janeček, founder of financial group RSJ and owner of the Duhovka school network, and mathematician, econometrician and entrepreneur Petr Zahradník, who increased his stake in the group to 37.5% in February 2022 after buying shares from entrepreneur Petr Němec. “The growth potential of Nano Energies is really large, because it is based on cleverness, sophisticated models and years of experience,” said Zahradník.

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