Nano Energies to adjust its shareholders' structure

31. 8. 2023

Czech technology group Nano Energies, a.s. has announced today that an entrepreneur, investor and one of its three existing shareholders, Petr Zahradník, will acquire all the remaining company shares from the company founder Petr Rokůsek and from the investor Tomáš Janeček. Thus, Zahradník will become Nano Energies’ sole owner and board chairman. The transaction is expected to be closed in October 2023.

Specifically, Petr Zahradník will buy out the 37,5% stake held by the company founder, Petr Rokůsek, and the 25% stake owned by investor and education entrepreneur Tomáš Janeček.

Over the last fifteen years of its existence, Nano Energies has expanded as an independent energy flexibility aggregator in five CEE markets – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Croatia. “Nano Energies was founded in 2008. A year later, we ran a pilot managing electricity consumption for ten households and had a distant vision of decentralising the energy sector in the Czech Republic. Today, fifteen years later, the company manages nearly 100 megawatts of industrial customers, helping to maintain the stability of the Central European transmission grid,” says Nano Energies founder Petr Rokůsek. Once the transaction is closed, he will remain serving on the company’s board of directors with an advisory vote. “There is always room for improvement in the energy sector; many things can be done differently and better. Petr Zahradník is needed for the new upcoming phase as he has a gift for integrating ideas and visions. All that is now needed for Nano Energies’ path towards becoming one of the major players participating in significant changes in the European energy markets,” added Rokůsek.

Tomáš Janeček, who invested in the company ten years ago, commented: “There are few companies with such a strong vision as Nano Energies. I believe that this company has a great business future ahead of itself. And I would like to thank Petr Zahradník for deciding to go all in.”

Petr Zahradník joined Nano Energies as an investor three years ago when the company was just planning its expansion into other European markets. “Dreams without an excellent strategy and execution remain just dreams. Saying that, I have no doubt that Nano Energies’ vision of a sustainable business with a great social impact will become a reality. I can see Nano Energies controlling major flexible electricity sources and turning wind farms and greenhouses on and off. We are heading towards becoming a company that controls gigawatts of electricity sources with a fully automated control model,” Zahradník outlines his practical plans for the company.

All parties to the transaction have agreed not to disclose the amount or the specific terms of the transaction.

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