Nano Energies wants to contribute to creating a resilient global energy system. The company is expanding its mission and activities, and introducing a new visual style

15. 12. 2021

Empowering you to live in sync with the Earth. Over the past year, Nano Energies’ long-term vision for transforming the energy market has gained attention abroad and interest from investors. With visions of decarbonising, digitalising and decentralising the energy sector, the company is now expanding into new markets and attracting an international clientele. Nano Energies has ambitious plans for the year ahead. This week, it has unveiled a new visual style, including a futuristic video featuring the company’s founder and CEO, and a new website.

“It’s been a challenging year – a pandemic, a slow economy, a complicated energy situation. Ironically, all of this helped us accelerate the fulfilment of our vision. With digitalisation, decarbonisation and decentralisation of the energy world, we are aligning everything we do with the breath of the Earth. It is essential to have a resilient energy system for the future, and at Nano Energies we are building it from the ground up for individual customers, for companies and for the planet,” explains company founder Petr Rokůsek.

Nano Energies has been trading on electricity spot markets for 13 years. In addition, it was the first and still remains the only company to supply 100% clean green electricity to thousands of customers. For industrial customers, its flexibility aggregator can smartly manage production and consumption, thus reducing costs for customers and the environment. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, the 100-employee company is also developing technological innovations including algorithmic trading, peer-to-peer energy sharing and sustainable cryptocurrency mining. As of 2021, it also provides consulting services for corporations embarking on the journey to reduce their carbon footprint. And Nano Energies’ global mission and activities are now reflected in its new graphic style and, in particular, on its new website. The main idea is to connect people naturally and smartly to the planet’s energy.

“We have been looking at the energy business globally for a long time and we want to offer what we have done in the Czech Republic to more and more markets. We have a broader vision that can work for the whole planet, regardless of geography, because it is based on pillars such as smartness, data, technology and sustainability,” says Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies.

Last year alone, Nano Energies divisions entered four new countries. Specifically, Nano Energies Trade, which is dedicated to trading on energy spot markets, has offices in eight countries, including Hungary and Austria as of this year. The Digital Energy Services division, which focuses on energy flexibility, has begun expanding into the Central and Eastern European countries.

The creative concept behind the new visual style was conceived by the creative duo Kryštof and Kristýna Jankovec and graphic designer Anna Issa Šotolová. Their perception of Nano Energies’ corporate identity and philosophy is reflected in the cinematic look of the website and the introductory brand video, on which they collaborated with producer Eilat Ben Eliyahu and cameraman Gleb Volkov from the production company Fix It In Pre. The website was developed by Jan Herman.

About Nano Energies:

Nano Energies is a Czech energy company that has been in operation since 2008. Through its divisions (Nano Energies Trade, Nano Green, Digital Energy Services) it trades electricity efficiently and sustainably, bringing more freedom to businesses and ordinary users. The shareholders of the company are Petr Rokůsek, Tomáš Janeček and Petr Zahradník.


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