Power to the People - and their Homes and Businesses

We power households and companies in the Czech Republic with electricity solely from local renewable sources. We supply 100% green electricity because our power flows from nature: water, wind, sun, and biogas – power that protects our planet, not pollutes it.

No greenwashing

We purchase energy directly from local renewable energy producers and encouraging new producers to join the market. This way, we breathe new life into the energy grid while cleaning it up. We don’t use gimmicks such as buying cheap guarantees of origin to offset fossil fuel use. Instead, we buy physical renewable power with a long view toward supporting and promoting real, positive change.

Prosumers instead of consumers

Prosumers – producers and consumers in one – are the customers of tomorrow. This versatile, simple approach to the electricity market always generates new opportunities and helps us to transform yesterday’s business model, plugging in many smaller, more agile producers which help us decentralise.

Companies powered by green energy

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