Driving sustainable innovation

As your partner, we’ll empower you to reduce your environmental impact. First, we calculate your carbon footprint and explain how you can reduce it. And with our tailored Green Action Plan, we’ll help you make a real difference by slashing your emissions. You’ll then be better equipped to make innovations, such as developing low-carbon products, and have better access to capital.

Cutting carbon, cutting costs

As energy is the starting point for greener business, we begin by focusing on energy sustainability and optimising your energy costs. We’re also exploring new opportunities for flexible energy management, electricity self-generation and electromobility, and how they can help your business.

Sustainability really strikes a chord with more than 50% of consumers preferring sustainable brands. To start their carbon reduction journey, businesses first need to know how energy market works and where the biggest pitfalls lie.

František Vašek
Head of Business Development

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